Postal vote checking system

AVantGuard is a standalone postal vote checking system, which was built with close involvement from our customers. It uses the latest technology to ensure speed, accuracy and reliability. AVantGuard has been designed with flexibility in mind, dealing with postal votes for smaller councils through to some of the biggest councils which have over 90,000 postal voters.

AVantGuard has the ability to seamlessly interface with our Election Management System (EMS), Eros and a number of other systems in order to deal with cross boundary elections in situations where different systems are involved.

AVantGuard uses a built-in signature comparison engine (Parascript SignatureXpert) and an ICR engine for reading dates of birth (Abbyy FormReader). Both engines have been fully and seamlessly integrated into the system, allowing the actual checking process to be entirely automated. The system is cable of high volumes of checking and it is consistent and reliable with its results, saving the user time and allowing them to focus on the elector.

Once each opening session is over, AVantGuard is able to export postal vote return data back to your EMS, so your system will always be up to date.

AVantGuard offers many great features and benefits, including:

  • Portable system – installed on a laptop attached to a portable scanner, AVantGuard allows users to run their opening sessions at remote locations, even outside of the council’s network infrastructure
  • Easy to use – designed with usability in mind, the election is automatically created and each screen of the process ordered and labelled in sequence
  • Testing available for your peace of mind - access to a test database and tester tool is provided to allow easy set up and testing of scanners and templates
  • Configurable - user can create and store unlimited templates and easily set the signature confidence level for each opening session
  • Flexible - allows the user to easily compare the postal vote statement with multiple postal vote application forms for the elector to allow visual comparison when adjudicating
  • Stay in control - numerous statistical screens, reports and auditing tools are available including a report of non-returned postal vote statements with personal identifiers to allow for manual verification

We offer technical training to ensure that your IT team are equipped to provide you with any support required on the IT infrastructure used to host Halarose products.

The training can take place at our offices in Oxfordshire, or our Technical Support Team can arrange to attend your site for your convenience.

The aim of the training is to provide your IT team with hands-on experience of the technical aspects of our products including installation and troubleshooting.

Agenda topics can be tailored to suit customer needs and may include:

  • Architecture Overview
  • Eros Client Installation and Configuration
  • Eros Server Installation
  • Eros Server Upgrade
  • Eros Administration and Systems Management
  • AVantGuard Installation and Configuration
  • AVantGuard Upgrade
  • AVantGuard Systems Management
  • Hera Overview
  • WebEros Installation and Configuration

These training sessions are limited to six delegates to ensure that discussions can take place, questions can be answered and ideas and techniques can be shared.

If you, or a colleague, would like to attend the next technical training session please email elections.servicedesk@idoxgroup.com for further information.

Key features & benefits

Fast, accurate and reliable, used by Councils with over 90,000 postal votes

Checking process entirely automated

Portable system, allowing for use at remote locations

Cross boundary interface for elections where different systems are involved

Statistical screens, reports and auditing tools that allow you to stay in control


We have been awarded with a place on the Local Authority Software Application agreement for the supply of Electoral Management Software to Local Authorities.

A wide range of our products and services are available on this framework.

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