Electoral registration & electoral management system

Eros is a modern, Windows-based system which is widely seen as the solution best enabling customers to save cost by working creatively and efficiently. Eros is used by the by the five largest registration authorities in the UK - Northern Ireland, Birmingham, Lothian and Lanarkshire VJBs and Leeds.

We ensured IER changes to Eros were in close association with our customers and the Cabinet Office. We continue to work closely with our customers to ensure we are constantly refining and evolving our electoral management system with new IER design implemented in key areas to enable our customers with higher accuracy, reliability and efficiency.

We are continually refining Eros, to make sure the system is as efficient and usable as possible for our customers. For example, Eros can be configured so that all elector and house transitions and processes that can be automated are. This means if no human decision is required, the system will function automatically, freeing your expertise for where it really matters.

Eros doesn’t simply comply with legislative requirements; it has been developed to give you additional functionality that allows you to manage your register in the way that suits you best. This includes the following key benefits;

  • ‘Data-driven state engine’ ensures that all transactions align with legislation and Electoral Commission Guidance and won’t allow you to process a change that goes against the law whilst still giving you the flexibility you need
  • Workflow screens provide simple, at-a-glance, views of complex procedures that give you actionable insights into your data and enable you to make intelligent decisions
  • Powerful marshalling screens allow you to slice, filter, group and sort data during processing, ensuring accuracy to make better decisions more efficiently
  • Our in-built document scanning module caters for the new style registration forms and household enquiry forms. The system intuitively understands the forms you are scanning and deals with them as appropriate
  • Drag and drop functionality allows you to deal with electors individually or in bulk
  • The ability to export data as a custom report from any of the key marshalling screens within Eros which is ideal for performing pre-export checks or for retaining for audit purposes
  • Intuitive screens for matching downloads of electors who have applied at the IERDS – minimising the scope for any duplicate entries to be added to the electoral register
  • The ability to send emails to new potential electors to encourage them to register online – saving you time, printing and postage costs
  • Extensive suite of statistical information on a range of IER-related areas

In addition to the enhanced user experience and back-end resilience, Eros has been updated to automate as many of the IER processes as possible to save you even more time and money. These include:

  • Ability to import lists of houses that are empty on Council Tax data, compare the number of registered electors in Eros and automatically update the HEF response field in bulk
  • Absence of a potential elector on a no-change HEF batch will automatically add a piece of removal evidence against the elector
  • HEFs returned as undeliverable by your postal carrier will automatically result in a piece of removal evidence being added to each elector in the household upon scanning
  • Potential fraudulent activity is automatically identified for further investigation
  • Automated and configurable transitions for electors and houses that will automatically move both through each ITR/HEF status
  • Automatic generation of acknowledgment and confirmation letters once new electors are added
  • Automatic production of corresponding canvasser registers when HEFs and ITRs are produced which have been flagged as requiring a personal visit

Below is a sample of what Eros can do with regard to election management:

  • Allows you to manage combined and multiple elections on the same day
  • Allows you to define the primary and secondary election for a combined election
  • Allows you to view multiple timetables without having to create an election
  • As standard, calculates election timetables from the Notice of Vacancy
  • Checks the validity of nominations against the electoral register
  • Includes a full suite of candidate and agent letters and notices and keeps a full audit trail of correspondence sent
  • Produces nomination packs in MS Word, and election notices and documents in either MS Word or Crystal Reports for true flexibility and ease of production
  • Gives you the facility to produce poll cards in a specified order and layout
  • Allows for the automatic re-appointment of staff who worked at a previous election, taking into account staff performance ratings
  • Provides flexible staffing payment options, including payment through external systems or cheques
  • Can automatically calculate payment amounts, taking into account individual taxation and combined elections etc.
  • Produces a file for direct input into BACS without the need for external manipulation
  • Allows for full reports to be produced of detailed financial transactions
  • Extensive suite of election-related statistical information means that real-time data is always available to you to assist in monitoring and managing workloads and for both internal and external reporting purposes

Eros is used for electoral registration by some of the largest registration authorities in the UK.

Below is a sample of what Eros can do with regard to registration:

  • Includes an up to date on-line suite of Help pages and flow charts to help users with tasks within the system
  • In the same screen, Eros allows you to interrogate the Published Register and see all the additions, deletions and modifications (since publication), both for Rolling Registration and the Annual Canvass
  • Universal searches allow you to search the entire Eros database, whilst also using ‘wildcards’ to replace both single alphanumeric characters and groups of characters
  • Allows you to reduce your costs by using email addresses for communicating with staff, instead of producing letters
  • Allows you to use mail merge functionality within email correspondence
  • Allows you to view a full audit trail of elector and property changes
  • Gives you flexibility with letters and application forms as you can add new, or modify existing in MSWord
  • Gives you the option to preview all letters and reports before you print
  • Gives you the option to either edit a document or a batch of documents in MS Word before you send them to print, or send them straight to the print queue
  • Automatically produces acknowledgement letters
  • Provides an audit trail of the letters that are sent to both electors and houses
  • Allows you to preview all reports on screen prior to printing or exporting your choice of data formats, including PDF and CSV
  • Allows you to view an audit trail of amendments across a range of election related functions e.g. who processed a postal vote reissue
  • Allows boundary changes throughout the year
  • Allows you to customise and print your Register of Electors in a range of layouts, including the ability to specify the inclusion of street indexes, numbers of columns, font sizes and inclusion of your corporate logo(s)
  • Links your streets and properties to your in-house GIS
  • Has the ability to show you a location map of the house/premises (polling place), if you have a direct connection to the internet
  • Is fully compliant with the latest data standards (BS7666)

We offer technical training to ensure that your IT team are equipped to provide you with any support required on the IT infrastructure used to host Halarose products.

The training can take place at our offices in Oxfordshire, or our Technical Support Team can arrange to attend your site for your convenience.

The aim of the training is to provide your IT team with hands-on experience of the technical aspects of our products including installation and troubleshooting.

Agenda topics can be tailored to suit customer needs and may include:

  • Architecture Overview
  • Eros Client Installation and Configuration
  • Eros Server Installation
  • Eros Server Upgrade
  • Eros Administration and Systems Management
  • AVantGuard Installation and Configuration
  • AVantGuard Upgrade
  • AVantGuard Systems Management
  • Hera Overview
  • WebEros Installation and Configuration

These training sessions are limited to six delegates to ensure that discussions can take place, questions can be answered and ideas and techniques can be shared.

If you, or a colleague, would like to attend the next technical training session please email for further information.

Key features & benefits

Data-driven state engines ensure that all transactions align with legislation and Electoral Commission Guidance

Workflow screens provide simple, at-a-glance, views of complex procedures

Transitions for electors and properties can be automated, freeing your expertise for where it really matters

Drag and drop functionality allows you to deal with electors individually or in bulk

Powerful marshalling screens allow you to make better decisions more efficiently


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A wide range of our products and services are available on this framework.

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