Electronic voting solution

eVa is a highly regarded electronic voting solution, designed to make running online elections easier for you and much more cost effective.

eVa is used yearly by The Association of Electoral Administrators to elect their chairmen, endorsing that it is a solution that is great at what it does.

Whether you are running an election, referendum, or survey, using numerous methods of selection, in any language and in any part of the world, eVa has been designed to do the job for you in an effective and efficient manner.

eVa is extremely configurable and is designed with usability in mind:

  • Integrated with an eCounting system, eVa counts the ballot papers for you, allowing the technology to do the hard work
  • Allows different types of voting, including First Past the Post and Single Transferable Vote
  • Has secure verification and validation
  • Customise eVa, using your branding and layout
  • Text message, telephone and/or postal voting can easily be added to your poll

Security Specification

  • Highly secure – SSL encrypted; 12 digit security codes; data access layer
  • Highly usable – uses Javascript/Ajax

Please contact us for further information on eVa.

Key features & benefits

Can be used for an election, referendum, or survey, using numerous methods of selection, in any language, anywhere

Customisable, so you can use your own branding

Simple to use, designed with usability in mind

Integrated with an eCounting system

Secure verification and validation


We have been awarded with a place on the Local Authority Software Application agreement for the supply of Electoral Management Software to Local Authorities.

A wide range of our products and services are available on this framework.

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