My Vote Counts

Postal vote confirmation service

My Vote Counts enables postal voters to check if their postal vote has been received using an automated voice response. The software is efficiently designed, removing the additional workload of answering high call volumes to your electoral office at an extremely busy time.

The service also offers you the option of allowing your postal voters to know whether their postal vote has been provisionally rejected.

A few days after posting their postal vote, the elector can conveniently call the dedicated phone number, at local rate, to determine whether their postal vote has been received.

My Vote Counts is very simple to set up and the interface ensures that updating the system with processed postal votes is straightforward and secure.


Key features & benefits

Extremely simple to set up

Uses up-to-date information through a secure interface

Reduces workload, no need to answer high call volumes at a busy time

Convenient for postal voters, can make a quick call to check if their postal vote has been received


We have been awarded with a place on the Local Authority Software Application agreement for the supply of Electoral Management Software to Local Authorities.

A wide range of our products and services are available on this framework.

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