Tablet solution for door-to-door canvass process

Perses is our latest tablet-based canvassing solution and has been designed with the unique demands of canvassing under IER in mind. Its development has been informed by extensive customer input and was successfully trialled in live environments, ensuring that it is the most fit-for-purpose tablet solution available for canvassers. Furthermore, it is fully integrated with Eros to allow local authorities to import canvass data quickly and efficiently without having to manually process any forms.


Some of the key functionality of Perses includes:


  • Perses works on multiple software platforms – meaning it can run on both Android and iOS devices, giving our customers greater flexibility around the devices that they can use
  • It also works in both online and offline modes and automatically switches between the two depending upon internet connectivity – meaning it can be used anywhere at any time without any interruption


Ease of use

  • Our data entry screens have been designed with canvassers in mind – making them intuitive and easy-to-use on the door-step for the collection of HEF and ITR data
  • Canvassers can choose to view their list of properties either on a map or in a list format
  • In-built help pages provide clear assistance to common canvasser queries
  • Perses is unique in allowing canvassers to take pictures, for example of documentary evidence or to record information about properties, for later review


Complete administrative control for electoral offices

  • Our administrative module allows you to monitor multiple aspects of canvasser performance, providing real-time information about house visits, return rates, geo-tags of the locations forms were completed and canvasser routes
  • Allows administrators to send information directly to canvassers to advise of households that no longer need to be visited
  • Provides the ability to re-allocate canvasser workloads simply and quickly without having to arrange for additional forms to be printed and distributed
  • Includes a remote-wipe facility, allowing you to immediately delete any sensitive canvassing data in the event that a tablet is lost or stolen
  • All uploads/downloads of elector data are fully encrypted, giving you assurances about the security of all data exchanges


To find out more information about Perses just contact us at or call us on 01491 682120.


Key features & benefits

Ensures your door-to-door canvass process is efficient and cost effective, with a positive impact on the environment

Compatible with most tablets

Built-in interactive map to view houses assigned to canvasser

Offline capability so canvassers can continue working in areas with low or no signal

Data uploaded into Eros, keeping all information up-to-date


We have been awarded with a place on the Local Authority Software Application agreement for the supply of Electoral Management Software to Local Authorities.

A wide range of our products and services are available on this framework.

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