Data mining module for complete and accurate registers

As the only major EMS supplier that has developed a functioning data-mining module, we are proud to introduce Tellus. Our data-mining solution looks at trusted data sources to find new electors, so ensures both register completeness and accuracy under IER.

Tellus’ matching intelligence prevents the creation of duplicate potential electors. This ensures that your resources are being targeted appropriately and it prevents the creation of unnecessary additional chasing cycles which are both time-consuming and costly.

With Tellus, the days of inspecting paper records or exporting and importing data to and from Eros (our electoral management and electoral registration system) to identify new electors are over. The use of the bulk upload of HEF data from Universities and care homes brings additional efficiencies to your registration office, saving hours and hours of processing time. There is a reason, after all, why our data-mining software shares its name with an ancient goddess of productivity.

In addition to providing confidence that your electoral register is both complete and accurate throughout the year, proactive data-mining can also help to minimise the number of last-minute applications submitted just before an election, allowing your election team to focus more on election delivery than processing high volumes of ITRs.

Using Tellus on an ongoing basis can also reduce the number of changes generated during the canvass – again providing a more manageable and steady flow of work throughout the electoral year.

Key features & benefits

Manage timings of incoming applications

Ensures register accuracy and completeness

Designed to be used by non-IT specialists

Reduces creation of duplicate records


We have been awarded with a place on the Local Authority Software Application agreement for the supply of Electoral Management Software to Local Authorities.

A wide range of our products and services are available on this framework.

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