Halarose User Forum

Online discussion site for Halarose and its customers

Halarose User Forum is another tool that we use to engage with our customers. Our customers’ feedback and opinions have always been at the centre of everything we do. The forum is an extra vehicle that drives that communication, leading to quick decisions for future development and innovation for Halarose products.

Customers can raise various questions and discussions in the forum, whether it is a question directly to Halarose or to another Local Authority.

Halarose User Forum is also used for collating communications which have been sent out to customers from Halarose, allowing customers to search through communications regardless of when or how they were issued.

It is also a great tool for creating easy access to training manuals, user tips, and sending out up to date information on how customers can use Halarose products to their full capacity.

All of this information and communication is not only great for existing customers, but also new customers. Because they have access to in-depth information about Halarose, its products, and users, new customers can learn the software quickly and discover all the functionality Halarose products offer at their own pace.  

Being a Halarose customer means being part of a community which has a say in the development of the products that they use on a daily basis. Halarose User Forum is a great way to keep in touch with that community.

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If you are a Halarose customer but don`t have an account, please contact us at info@idoxgroup.com.